Cavalorn (cavalorn) wrote,

We're All Going To Die: a single-page RPG

Genre: cinematic modern horror. Playing time: 2-4 hours tops.

1. GM supplies general setting of the game, e.g. Teenage Slasher or Suburban Zombie Apocalypse. Everyone creates a character accordingly.

2. List FOUR things that the character is especially GOOD at, such as running, driving, climbing, picking locks, survival in the outdoors, fast talking or decapitating zombies using only a vintage 1940s tea set. The GM must ratify these.

3. List TWO things that the character is especially BAD at, such as swimming, finding their way in the wild, avoiding alcohol, keeping their cool in a fight, or not flipping out in confined spaces. GM ratifies as before.

4. Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and gives it to the GM.

5. The GM picks out one name at random. This person is the Survivor. No matter WHAT happens (except see below), this person will survive, so long as he is trying to. Everyone else will die. Without exception. Everyone. The players are not told who the Survivor is.

6. The game proceeds. There are no die rolls. The GM decides the outcome of any situation based on that ONE initial intervention of fate - the selection of the Survivor - and on the Players' selection of things that they are good at and bad at. If the GM wishes, however, she can roll dice in private to see which way a situation goes.

7. Even if a player is fated to die, they can keep that fate from occurring for as long as possible by simply being practical and efficient, as in any other game. If you run away from zombies, you may escape for the moment. Not being the Survivor does not mean that you get randomly hit by a bus within five minutes of starting the game. However, there is no way to tell whether, on any given occasion, you survived because you were the Survivor or because the GM decided that your actions were sufficient to let you escape. The only sure thing is that even the Survivor has to make an effort to survive. The difference is that the Survivor *will always* survive.

8. Because of this, the GM is at liberty (and is positively ENCOURAGED) to fuck with the players' heads as much as possible. Every narrow escape is a hint that the person MIGHT be the Survivor, OR is the GM screwing with you to make you THINK that the person might be the Survivor.

9. The Survivor's immunity to death covers NPC actions ONLY. It does not apply to Players, including the Survivor herself. Thus, any attempt to 'test' who the Survivor is, such as by having a character jump into a pool of lava to see whether he dies or not, or any action that the GM interprets as deliberately suicidal, revokes the Survivor's status for the duration of the test. That is, if you shoot yourself in the head to see whether you will die, you will die, whether you were the Survivor or not. In that event, everyone else will still die. The mantle of Survivor does not pass.

10. The mantle of Survivor *may* be passed to a new character if the Survivor deliberately sacrifices herself so that others can live. 'You go on! I'll hold the zombies back!' 'But you'll DIE!' 'I know. RUN!' etc etc etc.

Edit: feel free to circulate, link back, print out and hand to random strangers etc.
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Brillant! I love it.
My God. That's awesome. Christ, that'd be so much fun pissed out of your skull in the dead of night on a camping trip.

Or maybe that's just me.
It's not just you. :)


14 years ago


14 years ago


14 years ago

That's very, very good.

So good in fact that I'm going to do a post on my blog linking to it, so that I can warm my hands on the reflected glory. :)
Do you know if anyone else has thought of something on these lines before? Given that the idea's so simple, I'm wondering if it hasn't been plucked from the aether already. If not, however, then yay - please circulate!


14 years ago


14 years ago

Absolutely love it! Will have to mention it on my site. Do you have a copy of this up some webspace somewhere or shall I just link to this entry?
Linking here is fine!


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14 years ago


14 years ago


14 years ago


I'll have to run Dead of Night for you when I get my copy -- it's almost as simple, I edited it, and it also covers the teen horror style genre.
That sounds like fun. And easy enough that I can give it to the baby gamers on Tuesdays for them to have a go at running something - excellent!
Very, very fun.
I found this thanks to jonnynexus, and agree with him that it's brilliant. So I'm both linking you to promote it, and adding you to my friends list, if ya don't mind.

And you realize if an American had come up with this idea, it would be called "We're All Gonna Die!" Subtle differences, but there they are.
That's absolutely fine! Have amended initial post to reflect this. :)


14 years ago

That is genius. I don't normally do RPG, but this sounds fantastic!
11. Nevermind. Grownups are playing.
Let me know when you play it!
Another hit courtesy of jonnynexus. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun - though I'd probably dispense with the designated survivor and kill everyone ;-)
Bloody hell, it's Marcus L. Rowland!


Sir, you are a legend. I'm chuffed to bits. :)

Deleted comment

It has now occurred to me that it could easily be played over an Instant Messenger program or IRC...
Nice! :D
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