Cavalorn (cavalorn) wrote,

The Secret, Hidden, Thirteenth Plopcast of Comicbookgirl19

Several months after we recorded this, it occurred to me that some of you who still read this blog (you do exist, don't you?) might have missed it. So here's the full two hours of me, Kirk, Tyson and of course Comicbookgirl19, who you may remember from the Prometheus post, talking our arses off about Ridley Scott, magick, Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley, occult stuff in general, and comics. Enjoy. I know I did.

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*yay!* I found it immensely enjoyable, and I'm glad you had so much fun making it.

(And that you remembered that LiveJournal exists! *grin*)

Er, where's the link?
There's a YouTube video embedded right there in the post. But in case your browser isn't registering it for some reason:

Thirteenth Plopcast
Something shiny to stuff in my iPod for the long-ass commute to and from Governor's Island. Yay!
Really must pick up Promethea now. I have liked everything else that Moore has written. What I appreciate about this podcast is with the background and context it will make reading the story more enjoyable.

I will also make it a point to read Watchmen and V for Vendetta again for the third time. Many vistas have opened.

Thank you for pointing out that you had this conversation.
Still here and still reading :)

Bookmarking this for later. Looks very cool. Thanks!