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cavalorn's Journal

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Here we have anathema, alien and evil. Here we have strangeness, unwelcome and unknown. Here we have disease, blastocystic and obscene, spreading its contagion from the diaspora of beyond.

I'm Adrian Bott. I write stuff for fun and money. I also work as a Narrative Consultant, which means I advise people on how to write stories more gooder.

Things I have wrote in the past:

- numerous children's books with various publishers, hitting the shelves this year (huzzah)
- MMO content, such as Aion (I'm in permanent residency at the Asmodian library, come say hi)
- regular blog posts on massively.com
- magazine articles (Great Wicca Hoax, Magical Vampire et al)
- roleplaying games and supplements (The Drow War, Book of Hell, Book of Unremitting Horror, Sovereign Magic and so on)
- rants on Usenet
- drivel
- articles on Wikipedia

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: YA trilogy under my own name, when I find a moment's respite between projects

FAVOURITE PROJECTS: Aion, as mentioned above. Drow War I: The Gathering Storm, which had numerous 5 star reviews on ENworld and DriveThruRPG. Drow War II: The Dying of the Light is also in print and also had numerous 5 star reviews (I can live with that kind of coincidence). Drow War III: The Darkest Hour was the epic level one. Yes, I did write the whole trilogy myself. In 8 months. o god.

FIC: I've done fanfic once. That was enough. It's over. I am fic's bitch.

DIDN'T YOU USED TO SELL THEM TARROT CARDS: I used to run a fab shop called New Aeon Books in Manchester, but I've now sold it. This has resulted in a sort of backlash in which I'm now pouring out all the things that really annoyed me about neopagans, but was too polite to say before.

GAMING: I play City of Heroes once in a while. I can handle it.

PARENTING: I'm father to Sabrina Rose, born 31/12/07. She's a joy.

SEX0RZ: Married and monogamous since April 2005. Yes, I'm surprised too.

FRIENDAGE PROTOCOL: Feel free to friend me if you like. Please don't be offended if I don't reciprocate immediately or at all - I read plenty of journals that I'm not subscribed to. There's just a limit to how much I can take in.
adultery with texans, archemystical blackalicious saturnian thingybob, batty's ass, being befu's emotional hostage, blue pubes, boning headless puppies, brisket, cake and sodomy, clones of jesus, eye removal with fork, flem, humongous roaches, lesbian ninjas, mormon hunting, my amazingly cute daughter, my amazingly cute wife, pies of nyarlathotep, revelling in cheese, scary japanese women, scotswomen of chinese ethnicity, something positive, symmetrical scuffing, the mighty gherkin, trained attack shrews

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